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Our limited edition pieces of wearable art are made in our atelier with the discerning collector in mind.

Cy Twombly Groupie Heavyweight Crewneck

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"I sit for two or three hours and then in 15 minutes I can do a painting, but that's part of it. You have to get ready and decide to jump up and do it; you build yourself up psychologically, and so painting has no time for brush. Brush is boring, you give it and all of a sudden it's dry, you have to go. Before you cut the thought, you know?" - Cy Twombly 

The Cy Twombly Groupie Heavyweight Crewneck, a celebration of the idiosyncratic master of the Abstract Expressionist movement. 

Cy Twombly (1928-2001) was an enigmatic artist whose work danced between the realms of painting, drawing, sculpture, and writing. With his distinctive style characterized by scribbles, loops, and childlike scrawls, Twombly challenged conventional notions of artistic expression. His pieces, often large in scale, were vibrant tapestries of emotions, incorporating elements of mythology, literature, and personal memories. 

Through his gestural marks and delicate gestures, Twombly captured the essence of fleeting moments, evoking a sense of both chaos and serenity. His work possessed an ethereal quality, inviting viewers to interpret and explore their own narratives within the layers of his intricate compositions.

Twombly's art stood at the intersection of the abstract and the poetic, bridging the gap between language and visual imagery. His creations were like visual poems, where the canvas became a space for lyrical contemplation, filled with cryptic messages and hidden meanings.


Our premium crewneck has a relaxed cut and heavyweight construction that is crisp and clean. Designed with exceptional detail, ribbed sidebody panels and soft interior fleece create a comfortable fit and make this piece an everyday luxury.

70% Cotton 30% Polyester
Made to Order in USA


Runs oversized.
We recommend one size down for a perfect fit.

Cy Twombly Groupie Heavyweight Crewneck
Cy Twombly Groupie Heavyweight Crewneck Angebot€110,95 EUR