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Our limited edition pieces of wearable art are made in our atelier with the discerning collector in mind.

Minds Changing Minds Organic Tee

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Celebrated surrealist artist René Magritte was known for embedding the concept of mystery within his works, of there being something secret and bringing that hidden thing forth for the viewer to ponder. His work was about evoking thought, and in his 1958 painting The Banquet, he brought the bright red sun to the foreground, making the striking orb the focus of the work, when in reality, the sun would be hidden behind the trees. He was making visible that which would normally be hidden. Some call is a visual conundrum.

In this garment, we take Magritte’s painting, double it, reflect it, and create a new image once again. This is our nod to making what would be hidden become visible, a twist on reality in the evolution of thought. He wanted the viewer to ponder, and we did.


Our Japanese-inspired boxy cut tee has a lightweight construction and ultrafine weave that is luxuriously soft while crisp and clean.

100% Organic Cotton
Made to Order in USA


Runs true to size.

Cream / Off White / Ceramic Organic Short Sleeve 100% Cotton Tee with graphic print of Surrealist artist Rene Magritte’s painting The Banquet.
Minds Changing Minds Organic Tee Angebot€62,95 EUR