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Article: Transformative Power of Art Journal: Fluxus Skies

Transformative Power of Art Journal: Fluxus Skies

Fluxus Skies
by Outsider Supply
April 2022

Fluxus Skies is inspired by Yoko Ono's Painting For The Sky and is fashioned on our signature organic cotton tee and heavyweight crewneck.

“Fluxus Skies” is a visualized interpretation of Yoko Ono’s Painting For The Skies (1961) from her very special artist book, Grapefruit, published in 1964. The conceptual book is filled with short poetics lists of instructions that describe how to make art pieces that the reader may or may not choose to follow. Yoko’s work was a part of the Fluxus Movement, whose core aim was to promote living art, emphasizing the process of art making as more important than the finished work. The most important underpinning of our brand is the concept of art in motion, with each garment being more than a canvas, but also a living sculpture, fully activated by the wearer, and intended to serve as a reminder of artistic ideas you can carry with you throughout your day.

Published in
Transformative Power of Art Journal Online Edition
Spring 2022, Tribute to Yoko Ono, Volume 1 Issue 1

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