Our Growing Sustainability Program

Each Piece Is Made To Order

We make each item special to order in the USA, ensuring that we only make the inventory that we need.

We view correct production as the great challenge of the fashion industry, and we pride ourselves in leading helping the effort to approach production consciously.

We find that our customers appreciate our way of working, and are excited to align with customers who appreciate transparency and slower fashion in the name of sustainability.

Certified Ethical Production

We source our fabrics from ethical producers around the world who are dedicated to creating high quality materials in a safe, healthy, and equitable environment for employees. All of our partners uphold humanitarian values of fair wages, protecting children from child labor, honoring overtime pay, and respecting healthy, safety, and environmental standard regulations, which are verified by international certification processes and occasional factory visits.

Organic And Recycled As Much As Possible

It is our priority to use organic and recycled materials, and it is our goal that all of our products be made of organic and recycled materials by the end of 2022.

1% For The Planet

To have the best impact, it takes a community of dedicate people to advance common sense care for our world. 1% For The Planet is an established organization that works with a myriad of charities to support the protection and renewal of our beautiful Earth.

Our Goal For 2022

Our sustainability goal for 2022 is to achieve carbon neutrality by supporting forestation of native evergreen species in the U.S. and around the world.