Outsider Supply is a conceptual brand with a clearly defined mission: Keep The Art Alive!

We are an independent team of multidisciplinary artists infusing art, cultural and historical ideas into apparel as a mode of bringing art into the world in a sculptural and performative way.

Our namesake acknowledges the simple truth that artists are known for living outside of convention, and in doing so, they're constantly pioneering viewpoints and creative contributions throughout history.


Art can be hard to access, and we seek to change that. Why? Because we believe the ideas and movements found within the canon of art are fascinating, and it's paramount they continue to be circulated among living minds. The more we know, the more inspiration we have for our own lifetimes. While we recognize and appreciate the cannon, we also seek to break the it and restore power to the art and the artist through decentralized celebration and meaningful connection on an individual level rather than what is defined or described by the museum, the history book, the art collector, or any other form of institutionalized canon.

Sometimes it can feel hard to define the purpose of art. We feel it's something to enjoy, something you can witness or have around that can affect the way you feel, think, and proceed about your life.

Art spans the history of human experience as a testament to our natural desire to self express. We also find that intersecting art with fashion - the way we dress can be a conceptual experience for us, and a conceptual experience for the outer world with which we engage.

For us, we consider our work to be wearable art. Not only in the sense of the decorative aspect of the garments, but also in the sense that when you put on the garment, you embody that work and become a living sculpture yourself, an art history in motion.

Read more about our Theory of Total Art here.


In addition to our passion about art, our purpose-driven approach also extends to our sustainable method to fashion. We seek to be a good brand in the most holistic sense of the word, and we love to do our part to help create a positive and sustainable future for everyone, folding a growing number of sustainable practices into every facet of our company.

Read more about our sustainability practices here.