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Our limited edition pieces of wearable art are made in our atelier with the discerning collector in mind.

Article: Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Limited Edition
collectible production meets responsible supply
Creating what we wish to see in the world is a central part of our vision at Outsider Supply.
This means delivering collectible pieces of apparel that will make you feel like you are art come to life.
Each item we make is a maximum of 30 supply, to keep it special, and also, to honor our responsible side.
Instead of producing in masses, we make our items one at a time. This keeps us a zero-waste company and our quality high!

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Theory of Total Art

Theory of Total Art By McKenzie Girl An Essay On The Philosophy of  Total Art What is Total Art? Surely this term is out there, people have already come up with so much stuff, but for our purpo...

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Artist-Made artist-owned & artist-run artists taking business into our own hands Artist Entrepreneurship is steadily on the rise. T means delivering collectible pieces of apparel that will ...

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