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Why Art Matters

Why Art Matters.

Why art matters. Why art matters? You want to know. Take a look inside. As if you are looking into a mirror, and instead you look into your soul. You see your eyes - and everything they've been through. You see your worries transform into reflective views. No longer worrying you. Observations on what makes life human. You take you joys. And you make a bouquet. You take your voice, your mind, your pen, your hand, your stance, your gaze, your frame of view, pull it out of the mirror, and give it some shape. Some sound. You might color it with paint. You might sculpt it with marble, limestone or clay. You might emit it with lights. Pair it down to clean lines. Or take all your energy and express it in space. Art transforms all you think, feel, observe, believe, want, know, and acts a tether into your brain, your mind, your concepts. Is it art if it's meant to be shared? Must it be as for you alone? It can be anything you want. Your wish is so valid. It's a way you exist. Take something physical. Help us to picture it. Take something cerebral. Turn it into a gift. Think of the music. How much love we experience when we like what we hear. And the musician, are we not so glad the musician has created it? They took that time to express what they feel. If we're blessed, we have a record of that moment where the music was made. If we are lucky, we experienced the actual moment the music was played, at times so great, it deepens for us what it means to live. If a tree fell in the forest, does it make any sound? Must we predicate a listener for the case to be "yes"? In my opinion, not. The wind can sound alone. It is the lucky bird who gets to witness it. What would be the price to see inside your book? Your sketches, your notes, your feelings, your thoughts. There is no price, because such worth is beyond what value can bare. Open the page and we are so blessed to know a small detail of your great life's work. Art in the living. How history is made. Timely and timeless. Help us feel. Help us think, understand, wonder, exist, be.

Keep the art alive, McKenzie